How to organize a wedding


At the time when we are going to celebrate a wedding it is very important to consider the deadlines we need to organize everything and make it an unforgettable day as we have in mind.

In this post we want to offer you the terms with which it is good to start looking at all the tasks that you may or may not have in mind when organizing a wedding.

With the hectic nature of our lives, one year is the ideal time to organize a wedding, without stress and enjoying the preparations.

Simplifying, being flexible and without budget problems, it is possible to organize it in much less time. In both cases we want to offer you a complete checklist and a list of minimums to organize a wedding with little time.

The first thing we recommend is tranquility and planning: There are many things to take into account to introduce them into our daily life, with our list of tasks to organize a wedding we intend to make it more comfortable, easy and organized. We start.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the steps to organize a wedding?

        1.1Up to 1 year before the wedding:

        1.2Up to 9 months before the wedding:

        1.3Up to 6 months before the wedding:

        1.4Up to 4 months before:

        1.5Up to 3 months before the wedding:

       1.6Up to 2 months before the wedding:

        1.7Up to 1 month before the wedding:

  1. How to organize a wedding in a short time?

3.Your wedding at Los Cinco Enebros

        3.1Important data of Los Cinco Enebros

4.Download the checklist




What are the steps to organize a wedding?

Next we offer you the agenda of tasks for a wedding, organized month to month, from one year before the wedding.


Up to 1 year before the wedding:

  • Choose the type of wedding you want, because there are almost as many wedding styles as couples. Los Cinco Enebros is the ideal place to hold a wedding in the Sierra de Madrid.
  • Calculate the approximate budget that you want to spend and number of guests
  • Choose date If you do not have a preference, it will cost you less to find the venues.
  • Search and reserve church or court
  • Search and book the restaurant. Ask at least two dates to ensure that one will coincide with the one given to you in the church or the courthouse (at civil weddings it is not necessary that the day coincides because in the place of celebration another symbolic ceremony will be celebrated, even though they have already signed the papers in court).


Up to 9 months before the wedding:

  • List of guests Decide what kind of wedding you want, intimate or multitudinous, and try not to let yourself be influenced by the family.
  • Start looking at wedding dresses (keep in mind the places of celebration when choosing it and do not forget that comfort is a priority that day to enjoy it to the fullest).
  • Choose destinations for the honeymoon and request budgets
  • Search and select suppliers: photo and video, flowers, music, printing for invitations, children’s animation, monologues …
  • Make a website with all the details of the wedding. Currently there are platforms that allow you to set up a website in a simple way with a wedding list, confirmation of guests and other services that save a lot of work for the couple.

Up to 6 months before the wedding:

  • Book the honeymoon. Obtain information on the documentation, vaccines and currency necessary to visit the area, and the advance with which to request them.
  • Choose and find the music for the ceremony, the banquet, the dance … (in Los Cinco Enebros we have a DJ that will integrate your requests in your selection to animate the dance)
  • Select and order invitations
  • Choose and buy the alliances and arras

Up to 4 months before:

  • Prepare documentation for the wedding
  • Reserve rooms in hotels in the area for guests who live far away. In Los Cinco Enebros with a total of 16 rooms in addition to our Suite 21, a room with 73 square meters, and jacuzzi with views.
  • Hire bus service for those guests who want to return to their home in the vicinity without taking the car. In The Five Junipers we have a large outdoor parking for those who prefer to bring the car.
  • Buy the suit of the groom
  • Buy the accessories of the bride: shoes, headdress, jewelry …
  • Select hairdresser and make-up artist
  • Choose the decoration of the wedding.
  • Reserve the providers that you have not yet reserved.
  • Wedding list, to inspire the guests. You can also enable a bank account and use the money to pay for the honeymoon trip, for example. The guests will be delighted to be able to “sponsor” a section of your trip. As soon as you receive a gift, thank him. If it is not possible that you forget.
  • Search and hire the car or transport in which you will move the couple to the place of the celebration.


Up to 3 months before the wedding:

  • Address collection and invitation delivery
  • Prepare the ceremony: protocol, readings, music, witnesses, godparents …
  • Order details for guests
  • Order the flowers, from the bridal bouquet, the flower of the buttonhole of the groom and the godfather, to the decoration of the church / courthouse, car, place of reception, restaurant … if necessary (sometimes the site itself is responsible)
  • Prepare the dance (it is not essential, but in our living room it looks a lot)
  • Ceremony of request of hand.
  • Organization of bachelor parties. Make a list of who you would like to attend, delegate the organization to a person of your trust and give it several available dates. Do not leave it for the last month in case any unforeseen event arises. Nerves can play tricks.


Up to 2 months before the wedding:

  • Hair and makeup test
  • Test and choice of the menu
  • Bachelor and single bachelor party


 Up to 1 month before the wedding:

  • Confirm with all contracted providers.
  • Confirm the attendance of the guests and ask them about food allergies and other details to consider as number of children and adults.
  • Think who sits at each table (not usually easy …)
  • Confirm the honeymoon.
  • Latest tests of the wedding dress.


How to organize a wedding in a short time?

As we anticipated at the beginning, if the goal is to get married and you do not have an ideal wedding in mind, you can organize a wedding in a short time.

Simplifying to the maximum, to marry only the bride and groom, two witnesses and an officiant are needed (the Judge in charge of the Civil Registry, the Mayor of the municipality where the marriage is celebrated, the councilor delegated by the Mayor for that function, the diplomatic officials in charge of the Civil Registry abroad, the captain or commander of ships or aircraft, in the case of marriages performed on board or a priest in the case of religious wedding, a notary can be an alternative to the lack of available dates of others).

With this we want to tell you that if you have the availability of any of these people to officiate the wedding, everything else is accessory.

Below we offer you a list of minimums, in order of priorities to organize the wedding in a short time.


1.Find date in which an officiant can marry.

2.Prepare the documentation for the wedding.

3.Choose clothes, footwear and accessories if needed.

4.Buy the alliances.

5.Make guest list.

6.Choose place for the celebration.

7.Notify guests by phone, confirming their attendance, as well as food allergies.

8.Search the destination for the honeymoon and process the documentation, currency and   vaccines if necessary.


In addition, there are portals specialized in planning a wedding where you will find suppliers to organize a wedding step by step without complications and also wedding planners that can help you organize it.


Your wedding at Los Cinco Enebros

Our team and our farm is adapted to a multitude of situations / requests of the bride and groom and the needs of the guests.

You can have all the space of El Parque de Los Enebros, a wedding estate designed and adapted to make an unmatched wedding with private parking for all guests, gardens and surrounding spaces for the celebration of the welcome cocktail, indoor and outdoor bar , dance area and games as well as the incorporation of the needs that you could have. We have DJ for the dance and an expert team that can advise you at all times and help with the organization of the wedding of your dreams.


organizar una boda guía y checklist en PDF

  • No more than one wedding a day is celebrated.
  • Availability of catering / own kitchen, is reserved next to the space.
  • Type of cuisine: Mediterranean seasonal are adapted to the taste of the mountains of Madrid)
  • Personalization of menus: Yes, the menus adapted to each ceremony and the tastes of the
  • Availability of special menus: Vegetarians, vegans, diabetics, hypertensive, celiac, allergic.
  • Wedding Cake: We offer the wedding cake within the contracted services.
  • Free bar: Total amount fixed (with time limit)
  • Limit on the hour of celebrations: 6:00 AM
  • Photographer’s exclusivity: No
  • Music exclusivity: Yes
  • Exclusivity catering: Yes
  • Fixed payment for the place of the celebration: No
  • There are no surcharges for not reaching the minimum number of guests.
  • Payment available in cash and cards.
  • Total accessibility space for the disabled.
  • Price per menu: From € 85 to € 140
  • Capacities: From 10 to 400 guests
  • Spaces: Banquet halls, terrace, garden area, parking
  • Services: Banquet, ceremony, music, decoration, spa
  • Optional services: Accomodation in Los Cinco Enebros.
  • Location: Finca for weddings in Robledo de Chavela, very close to El Escorial.


Download the checklist


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